Company LUNORUM HK TRADING LIMITED is organized to maintain intermediary business in the area of whole sale trade of various types of electronic goods and equipment in European Union.

The purchase of goods will be done on prepayment conditions both from direct suppliers and producers and wholesale intermediary companies that have contracts with Chinese and European producers of construction equipment.

The sale of goods will be done by the company itself as well as with the help of various private persons – company agents that search for potential buyers of equipment in European Union. According to agent agreements – the search of buyers as well as supply contract conclusion on behalf of an agent are performed by the agents.

After supply contract is signed with a potential buyer, an agent will form and send a notice to us for the goods dispatch where range of products, quantity and goods technical will be present. Besides this and agent will discuss product price and agent fee with us. The supply of goods will be performed on 100% prepayment conditions that clients/purchasers will be sending to agent’s account. After the receipt of money on the account, the agent will withold his fee and will send the money to our account in Your bank. These terms of payment are used in case of a sale of the equipment to a potentianl buyer the price is higher that the one in the dispatch notice – the spread belongs to an agent.

The delivery of the equipement is performed by our partner-suppliers in accordance with the signed agreements.

Currently we have done several negotiations with potential suppliers and buyers. We did arrangements basing on which currently we prepare agreements that will include discussed cooperation terms.